Kick the Buddy v1.0.6

Sometimes you feel much stressed that you want to destroy anything to release your anger. But if you do that to your household things, it is not suitable for you. In this case, an excellent game named Kick the Buddy mod apk can help you much. Here you get a teddy as a dummy to torture as much as you want. Thus you can overcome your stress. In this game, you can use rockets, firearms, bombs, grenades, to damage the enemy. You can enjoy this game easily on your Android phone or even a computer by using an Android emulator.

Kick the Buddy mod apk

Kick the Buddy mod apk is popular among the people who want to remove their stress. You can think this game as the right solution to get rid of anger. It is always better to find out the solution that helps you to remove stress without destroying anything and can bring out your creativity without others interruption. Kick the Buddy is such kind of Android game. Here, the player can use some fantastic arms such as rifles, grenades, atomic bombs. You can non-stop use them. So, when you feel angry with your work or your boss or someone or spend a busy day, you can try this game to relax your mind. You can do destructive work without any limitation. The game helps you to keep the relationship good without ruin anything or any relation. For these causes, Kick the Buddy apk is now popular among the people.

Kick the Buddy mod apk
Kick the Buddy mod apk

Features of Kick the Buddy

Let’s see some attractive features of Kick the Buddy apk.

  • Sometimes, you may feel about breaking something like fun. But it is not easy. Kick the Buddy apk allows you to break things as fun. Besides, you can add some of your friends to enjoy much. When you play this game, your tension will go away.
  • Kick the Buddy is not only a game to reduce stress or anger. It has good graphics that attract the players to play it. You can use some physics concepts to break something. As an example, if you throw a watermelon at a character, you make good use of the skill of target.
  • You will not bore with this game soon. It has many categories and things that you can use to make combinations. It offers you unlimited freedom to make sure how to reduce your anger.
  • It is a perfect game as a solution to control anger and reduce stress. It provides an endless arsenal to the players. It will relax you much.


It is an easy game. You need not learn it from anyone. Just open the game and start to play.

Poor Buddy Bear

In this game, Buddy is the name of a bear. This bear can move everywhere and run around. But it is imprisoned in a box, and it cannot get out from it. So, you can do anything with it. You can torture it with a rifle or a fire gun. In this game, you can find so many ways to torture the buddy until it dies. To do this, you can take a laser gun, saws, C4 bomb, and some other swords. You will get some money as a reward after torturing this poor guy.

Can use the gods power

Don’t believe it? You not only do the ordinary tortures but can also call for the gods power to attack this poor teddy. You can use a big fire dragon or use the hammer of Thor’s to bring the thunder.

Design of this game

The design of the Kick the Buddy is attractive and funny. The publisher of this game is Chill Fleet who shows creativity in making this bear dead in such ways that you cannot imagine before. Besides, the sound of this game is very much matches with the game. The sound contains humor and the scream of the bear.

How to download and install Kick the Buddy mod apk

As an Android user, you need an Android device that is at least 4.0 version. As a laptop user, you need to download an Android emulator to download and play this game. However, let’s see the downloading process.

  1. You will open your Google play store on the Android device after connecting it to the internet.
  2. Then search for Kick the Buddy Mod apk.
  3. Before downloading it, go to the Settings option and make “allow unknown sources” option on.
  4. Then press the download button to download the game.
  5. After download, the game will start to install automatically.
  6. For a PC user, open the Android emulator and then search here for the game.
  7. It will redirect you to the downloading link of the game. Then follow the above steps to install.

My opinion about this game

I think it is a violent and meaningless game for the younger. But if you are adult enough, you can try this game for just fun. Parents may not allow their child to play a game like this one. So, this game may be suitable for an adult player. You can spend money to get a new costume for the teddy. But at last, the end is that you continue the torture. It cannot attract you for much time.

The Kick the Buddy mod apk is a game that provides pleasure to the players who are disturbed and want to reduce the stress of their mind. You can use the earning coins to buy arms and costume for the buddy. You can torture it as the possible ways you want. Thus you can relief your anger. It is batter than destroying things at your home or misbehaving to your family members or friends. Just take this game only as fun. Play it and make your mind calm and relaxed.

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