Idle Heroes v1.17.0.p3

For action games lover, Idle Heroes Mod APK is one of the favorite ones. It is a game where you have to play the role of a fighter hero in a dark forest. You need to build a team and train your heroes to defeat other forces in the forest in the dark. So, prepare your heroes properly to make them brave. However, you can make a team of 200 heroes and then use them in various battles. To win the action of the opponents, you need to use your strong heroes in your force.

What is Idle Heroes Mod APK?

Idle Heroes Mod APK is a war game. It has a story that helps to understand and play the game. We know that in ancient time, people conflict for food, energy, wealth, or the wild mind. To get unlimited money and gems and to win the battle with other forces in the forest, you need to make your force with some people. You should train them properly to create your army strong. Though the people do not look so gorgeous, they try to do their best and protect the innocent people of the war. In this mod apk, you will get unlimited gems and money. When you win the game, you will get treasures as a reward. If you once try this game, you will be a fan of this battle game.

Story of the Idle Heroes Mod APK

Idle Heroes Mod is one of the popular games for Android users. Here, the game starts in the ancient period. You can join with many players in the world. Your day will begin in Sara’s forest. You have to build a force of your heroes to defeat other dark forces. You will face the battle in heroic quests, Arena, some mysterious towers, guilds and enjoy the fun.  You can fight against the other players and have the control of their continents. The battlefields are fantastic for the players to get the skill. You can make your guild with your friends who play the game on the host to take part in the battle of the guild.

  • Publisher: DHGAMES
  • Version: 1.19.0.p3
  • Size: 180MB
  • Update: August 5, 2019 at 1:51 am
  • Available at:  Google Play

Enjoy the battle with your friends and make a guild to play with multi-players. When your heroes become skillful, you can use them to resist from Arena when you keep your hero in the leader board. Here, you can enjoy remarkable rewards. However, the primary aim of your heroes is to win with the forces in the dark forest to reach the position of the leader board. There are 200 characters of heroes that you can get to make your force. You have to use the Spartan Tree to make your personality and make your heroes much stronger. Different events of battle and guild are attractive. All the games contain rewards that you need to acquire to make your heroes stronger. Besides, you can get awards such as Magic dust, Dragon soul, gold, etc.

How to download and install Idle Heroes Mod APK

To download and install Idle Heroes Mod APK, you just go through a few steps. Any Android user can do this.

·        Connect your Android device to the internet and open a browser on it.

·        Search for this game by typing the name on the Google search engine.

·        You will find a lot of websites displaying on the page that contains the download link of Idle heroes mod app. You should choose a well-known site to download this app.

·        Then click the link to download it.

·        After downloading the game, enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ from the Settings option of the device and click on the install button.

·        It will take a few minutes to install.

Your game is ready to play.

What problems can you face during installing Idle Heroes Mod?

Though it is a straightforward process to download and install Idle Heroes Mod application, it is not impossible to face any problems. However, now I am going to describe to you the possible issues that you can face during the installation process.

·        If you say any warning on your screen that says “not safe,” you need to click on the option “More Information.” This will bring an option called ‘Install Anyway”.

·        If you have the previous version of the game installed on your device, the new version will not be opened. So, uninstall the previous version before installing the new one.

Is it a good strategy game?

You can consider this game as a good strategy game. In a battle game, we know that to succeed, you need to play with strategy. If you do not have a good strategy in the game, you will fail to defeat other opponents in the battle. You can build your army with more than 200 heroes. Every hero has different skills that provide the game with a suitable strategy. The action, building guild with other players, earn quests and rewards, etc. make the game a great strategy game.

What is new in the latest version of Idle Heroes Mod Apk?

In the latest version, there are some new features and characters. In Idle Heroes Mod apk you will see the new warrior called Aspen. Besides, you will get a new framework. Moreover, enjoy the Modern Hacker, Bloodfeather Ares, the Armor of Origin Sin, Golden Age, etc. There are some Trigger Packages for a new server. Moreover, the latest version is bug protected and has some other improvements.

I have described you all the possible information of Idle Heroes Mod APK for the player of strategy game. It is effortless to download and enjoy the latest version of this game. You will quickly get unlimited gold and treasure in this mod apk for free. I hope you must play this game to get a different taste of war game. It will take you the ancient period of human civilization. Try this game and enjoy much!

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