Granny Mod Menu v1.7.3

Granny Mod Menu apk is one type of horror game. If you a game lover and want to taste exceptional gaming experience, you can try Granny mod apk on your Android device. In this game, the player needs to escape from the horror house within a fixed time. In this house, a cruel monster lives with a bat. But in the mod apk, you need not worry about the monster. You need finding the escapable way to get out of this house.

What is Granny mod Menu?

From the word “Mod,” we mean modified. Mod apk says modified application. When someone modifies an original app, it is called a mod apk. Granny mod apk is such kind of apk. It is based on a horror story. Here there is a horror house where a monster lives in. The job of a player in this game is to escape from the monster and get out of this house within five days. However, as a mod apk, Granny mod Menu has some advanced features or scopes for the player. It is one of the best Mod game that you want to play on your Android Smartphone.

Granny Mod Menu v1.7.3
Granny Mod Menu v1.7.3

This Granny Mod APK comes with awful graphics. The muddy textures, the hell, main menu all are laughable. The effect and sound are very well with this game. The monster will scare you, and you need to come out from this hell. It is a thrill.

How to play Granny mod Menu

The only thing about this game is to try to get out of the house. So, you need to roam around and avoid knock down anything. It seems that this game is straightforward at the Easy level. So, you can try the ‘Hard’ level to experience better. Here, you will get some challenges that you want. But for kids, it is better to try Easy difficulty because it may be hard for them.

However, you will face only five challenges in this game before escaping the house. The bat of monster Granny can catch you. If it happens, your day is ending, and you need to wait for the next day. But in the mod apk, you need not worry about this. You only search for the way to escape from the house. At the fifth day, the game will end. If you are not able to find out the way by using the clues, you lose the game.

Version 1.7.3
Update April 18, 2019
Download FromGoogle Playstore

If you drop something while roaming, Granny will come like a madwoman. But knocking something is not brings the end of your play. You can avoid this monster by hiding yourself in a cabinet or under the bed or any other place you find. If you have an experience of playing a horror game like Amnesia, you may discover the Granny mod menu as an easy game. Besides, you can use the invisible mod to make you invisible to win quickly.

How to install Granny Mod Menu

We know that most of the Android APK are easy to download and install. You do a few steps to enjoy this game.

  • Find the download link and click on it to download Granny mod apk.
  • If the option ‘Download’ or ‘OK’ appears, click on it to start download immediately.
  • It will take few minutes to complete the download. After that, an installation option will appear.
  • Before installing the game, go to the Settings menu and find out the Unknown Sources option and enable it.
  • If you did it before, you can skip this step.
  • Then press the Install option. If other instructions appear, follow them.
  • Now enjoy your Granny Mod APK on your Android device. This game is also available for iOS devices.

How much scary the game is?

As it is a horror game, it is scary. But the experience of scarcity on this game differs from player to player. For the kids, Granny mod apk provides enough experience of scary. The bloodsheds that appear suddenly satisfy the customers. Though the graphics are not so realistic, the atmosphere of the house of granny is creepy. Jump scares give you the feelings of scarcity much.

 The overall game makes it a good one in the field of horror experience. You will get blood splatters as cryptic messages. Besides, you may find here floor squeaking. It does scary thinking that granny is coming. Gradually this squeaking goes away, and dead sense comes. I cannot describe my feelings in words.

How to get out from granny house easily

In the mod apk of Granny Menu, you do not have any chance of getting attacked by Granny. But you need to find out the way to get out from granny’s house. For this, there are five clues. Collect the clues and solve some puzzles in the game. If you gather the clues correctly, you can quickly get out from this horror house, and the game will end. You think it so simple. But it is not so easy. Try your job of escaping without making any sound. Besides, in mod apk, you can use an invisible feature to make you invisible to the granny. You can walk speedily with speed walk to keep yourself away from the granny. Thus you can win quickly.

Google PlayStore User Review :

Prabha don:
Very horror, good graphics and but I want to know that why this creepy granny always doing this. Giving five days and killing us. Pls tell that why she is doing it. Because for some causes only she does that, right? That she had any tragedy in her life.

2,377,734 2,377,734 2,377,734 She is good or bad. That’s all. But the game is very different from other games and hardest horror android game I have ever seen. Thanks you for giving us such a game. Good programming from your team. My appreciation to you.

Marley Slayzz:
This game is awesome. I’m not really a fan of horror games, but this one is just right for me. also I played on practice mode and I think you should add something like if you die in the 5 days on practice, granny could like come back and realize you were trying to escape and kill you anyways. Also I found out the car is not granny’s. thanks for the great game!!

Granny Mod Menu is a simple but attractive horror game for the players of any ages. Children like it more. But is gives pleasure to the adult too. Mod game makes your play easy by giving you some advantages. Besides, you need not root your device to install this game. So, if you want an exceptional experience in gaming, you can try this game as one of your favorite games. It is better to download and install the newest version of Granny Mod. Always seek the apk from a reliable provider. Enable ‘Unknown Sources’ to fix it without any trouble. Be a happy gamer, and enjoy your time.

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